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More nutrition fads exist now than ever before in my lifetime. Should you go with low-carb, paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, intuitive eating? How can you choose wisely for your health?

Below are some guidelines to help you start.

1. Exercise

So why is this Item 1 in a nutrition article? Because…

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I’ve written articles describing fruit as the “final frontier” in quitting sugar. But something else can cause just as much trouble as fruit, and maybe more.


Even people who are fully committed to healthful eating can be trapped in breakfast clichés.

In a recent coaching session, a client wanted…

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Food logs. Could anything be more boring? Regardless, I’ll argue that they can help you defeat sugar addiction — and help you develop an awareness of eating behaviors.

1. “I Always Thought I Ate More Vegetables”

My clients may think they know exactly what they eat, but what they say is often quite different from what their food…

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Below are 3 nutrition questions I’ve been asked over and over, many times.

I sometimes have mood swings (or feel depressed). Can foods change my moods?

Let’s first assume you’ve talked to your doctor about your moods and received a qualified medical opinion about what you need.

The answer to this question about foods and moods is a definite “yes.”

Foods absolutely can…

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Peanut allergies in children have quadrupled in the last 20 years. But peanuts aren’t the only foods causing problems. Allergic reactions in kids to many foods have become epidemic.

Most sources blame toxins in foods, including growth hormones, pesticides used in farming, and additives in processed foods that were never…

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True story. A nutrition client of mine emailed me the morning of a recent appointment because he hadn’t kept a food log during the week.

Why? He was depressed — an ongoing problem for him — and “taking care of mental health” had been his priority that week.

I have…

Joan Kent, PhD

Stuck on foods that keep you from losing weight or getting healthy? I help you gain control, boost your mood, and transform your health.

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