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Logging can stop a sugar attack cold

1. “I Always Thought I Ate More Vegetables”

My clients may think they know exactly what they eat, but what they say is often quite different from what their food logs reveal.

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Vegetables and fruits are not equal

I sometimes have mood swings (or feel depressed). Can foods change my moods?

Let’s first assume you’ve talked to your doctor about your moods and received a qualified medical opinion about what you need.

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Could food sensitivities be due to the sugars in so many foods?

But Could Something Else Be to Blame?

With that evidence, I won’t deny these possible causes behind kid’s allergic reactions. …

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Food

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Sometimes it IS about the food

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Apparently, fermentation rocks.

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If you work out, this is for you.

This questionnaire is meant to help you clarify your responses when you eat sugar.

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Minimum protein intakes should be approximately 25% of total calorie intake

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Sometimes cliches contain truth. Other times, they’re just cliches.

Joan Kent, PhD

Stuck on foods that keep you from losing weight or getting healthy? I help you gain control, boost your mood, and transform your health.

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